Aduyai Freegate.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009 0 comments
Starting from Januarary 1, 2009, we only provide fee based or limit services to users not from China. Users fron China will still be able to use DynaWeb free of charge. For non-China users, we will release shareware version of Freegate soon. There are also free softwares that help users to gain anonomity like Tor. These softwares may help to achieve your purpose as well. Various entities expressed their interests in paying for group license for certain countries. You may check back for opportunities like this. Wish you a wonderful and uncensored day.

Erm...freegate dah dilimitkan untuk pengguna luar tp xpe la. Ade lagi benda lain yg bley guna.
So i want to introduce you ULTRASURF. Konsep die sama jer macam freegate.


p/s: kalo nk diikutkan, freegate lagi power & stabil.




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