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Saturday, December 12, 2009 3 comments
Oleh kerana hari tue aku baru dapat kad debit maybank, aku pon try2 la nk linkkan kat paypal tapi pening-pening lak buat-buat tak jadi. So, hari nie biar aku tunjukkan tutorial yang aku ada jumpa kt tenet nie....

Step One
Login to your Maybank2u account. Look under Utilities and Click on Maybankcard Secure Online Shopping Registration

Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 1

Step Two
Select which card you want to use. In this case, I only have one card, so that is chosen by default.

Fill in the MSOS Password (has to be between 6-8 characters) and confirm

Fill in the Personal Assurance Message. This message will appear when you are asked for your password while shopping online. I think this is to ensure that is Maybank asking for your password and not some phishing site. There must not be any characters other than a-z.

Fill in the Expired Date, CVV, Hint & Answer

Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 2

Step Three
Login to with your paypal email & password.

In the My Account tab, click Profile and Add/Edit Credit or Debit Card.

Key in the details of your Maybank Visa Debit Card. Make sure the address is exactly the same as your billing address.

Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 3

Step Five
You will then get a verification email to your paypal account saying that you have successfully linked your card. And now all you have to do is add the code.

Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 4

Step Six
Okay this is important : Wait for about ONE DAY before doing the following steps**

Login to your Maybank2u again and click on Accounts & Banking, then click on your Account number for your Account Details.

Then click on Debit Card History. You should then see an entry with the word “Paypal”. The code is the 4 numbers before the word Paypal.

Paypal Code : 8921

**If you check your account too early, you might not see the details of the transaction and would not be able to get the code

Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 5

Step Seven
Log in to and click on Profile, then Add/Edit Credit or Debit Card.

Click on Enter Paypal Code and enter the code you obtained in Step Six.

Link Maybank Debit to Paypal 6

And now you have successfully linked your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal. You will get the refund of USD1.95 to your Paypal account.

:: NOTES ::

  • If you have problems linking your card, check to make sure the details of the card is all correct – especially the Address. If all else fails, call the Maybank customer service.
  • I have no idea why USD 1.00 is also deducted along with the USD 1.95 when we verify the card. I didn’t have this extra charge when verifying with Al-rajhi Visa Debit Card
  • I have not tried to withdraw from Paypal to my card but I’ll be happy to hear your comments if you did try. Remember that Paypal charges USD5 per withdrawal.
    I hope this tutorial was helpful :D

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