ABIT To Shut Down

Thursday, December 25, 2008 0 comments


ABIT, a popular motherboard manufacturer on the downhill slide and its former glory days long gone, announced it will be shutting down operations in 2 weeks.

TweakTown is reporting that the once-giant has been felled.

A few years ago now, ABIT started its shocking fall from the top. Its management were excused and charged for bad financial practices, key staff walked away from the company, engineers jumped shipped – ABIT, as we knew it, would never to be the same as it once were.

Fast forward to this year and ABIT were left with a single product line to try and keep the company from collapsing – digital picture frames with the ability to print. They didn’t work out as planned, there were rumors of ABIT re-entering the graphics card market once again, but those rumors didn’t eventuate.

The company is scheduled to close its doors on December 31. Farewell, ABIT. See u in ur next incarnation.

p/s: waduuhhh....kenapa gini jdnyer? Baru shj ku bercita2 nk membeli mobo ABIT



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